Are you going to open a convenience store? How much do you know about the principles of using the glass doors of the freezer?


During the use of commercial refrigerators by commercial and supermarket users, we encountered a lot of fog and condensation on the glass doors of the refrigerators in convenience stores. Many people don't understand, when they see fogging and water entering the glass door, is the foggy water on the glass door of the supermarket freezer a problem with the glass door or the freezer? The editors arrived at appropriate reasons through consultation with relevant technical reviewers. Today, I will share with you.

Adjust the temperature as high as possible to two degrees to reduce the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors and reduce condensation. If the food placed does not require a high temperature, the temperature in the cabinet can be adjusted appropriately as needed. For refrigerators placed indoors, the indoor air conditioner can be turned on to reduce the indoor temperature and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator;
Clean the exterior surfaces of glass doors and other condensation parts with a soft cloth frequently to reduce condensation.

Wipe the water mist on the glass surface directly with a dry cloth, dry towel and other soapy water or detergent. At the same time, try to reduce the number of door openings, and pay attention to ventilation during normal use;
Refrigerators and freezers can be placed in a well-ventilated location, which also reduces condensation. It can also be sprayed on the glass surface with a defogging agent, and the spotlights of the shop can directly shine on the glass door;
The heating wires in the freezer door are hair-like filaments.

The heating film in the freezer refers to the heating film between the two layers of glass.


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